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Monday, January 7, 2008

"Bloggers Of The World"

I have won this amazing new award for my blog. It came out of the blue from AngelBaby, the author of a wonderful web log ,that I came across on BlogCave one day. The site is so full of positive vibrations, feelings and attitudes, that I just had to return. This lady is a good writer and see good everywhere and I sure Angels are with her constantly. There is here most recent article, "Angel Confiscates Cell Phone" that is a miracle in all accounts and I really think everyone should read it.

The award is "Bloggers of the World", and I accept the award with pleasure and pride to be considered in such esteemed company. I choose also to pass it on, to web log and to people who have worked hard to the lives of other a little bit easier.

- I wish this award to go to Jadey, who skills and empathy soothes the beast in all of us.
- To Keith who can, with his keyboard, take us to places we have never been and fill us with such wonder that we never want to leave.
- To Samantha and to Darrel, who are both relatively new to blogging, but have the ability to write circles around me.
- To Marja, who is an angel and watches over all of us via our blogs and hers.
- To Deirdre, for the wonderful sensitivity that she has. I thought we had lost her web log for a while but she is back!
- To EJCooksey who turns blogging into a fine art and has all kinds of healthy information for us.
- To DD2, who's a real piece of ...., eye candy and can even bring American Politics to the point of being interesting and amusing at the same time.
- To Zubli , for all his encouraging community spirit. He is in all of the communities that I have found and seems to find time for all us a better way to blog.
- For Diana13 for her inspiring the Blog Carnival.
- Now although I can go on and on about wonderful blogs that I come across when I surf, I must call a halt to it sometime. The beasties (horses) are waking up now and need some attention. So the final blogger I want to nominate is Teri or Mee Moe, for seeing the world through rose colored glasses and faces it with positive strength.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gimme, I'm not sure what this is about, but it sure looks like a good thing.
Thank you for liking my blog as much as I love yours. And now that i know someone reads it. I’m going to be even more enthused to write it.
Politics can be a boring subject if it’s not approached with a bit of “Tongue in Cheek” humor as I see it. I try my best to writ my blog in a manor to keep people interested and have them laugh at the same time.

keith hillman said...

Gimme - to be awarded something for simply doing what comes naturally is an honour indeed. And to be included among such aclaimed writers as the other recipients is really heartwarming. Thank you from the bottom of my bottom

jadey said...

Gimme, I want to thank you so much for awarding me with this award. I am so honored. I love it and I think it is a very nice gesture.

Mee mOe said...

Thank you so much for the award, I really appreciate it, you have a heart of gold, I technorati you as a fav too....hugs !!!

Marja said...

Dear Wynn I am just back from my holiday and found this great surprise and what a magnificent award. Thank you so much I hope everything is fine and I see you have been busy. Will catch up with your writing soon.

Darrel said...

I just wanted to say that everything about your site is beautiful. You can see the time and caring put into your blogs and pictures and everything about it. I am honored to be amongst those you cal friend and a part pof your blogs. Thank you for all you do. Always JASA for you, Darrel