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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Glass Beads And Macrame Choker

Just another way I found to waste my time. I picked up beautiful blue porcelain beads the other day and thought they would make a nice bracelet. I started by tying eight number 10 string to a clasp and square knotting three rows. I added the porcelain bead in the center and surround it with six blue iridescent glass beads, three on either side. I knotted five rows of square knots and repeated the beading array twenty-two times ending with three rows of square knots and attaching the end clasp.

As I said it started out as a bracelet, but when I reached the right length, I found I had enough string left over to make a choker. Thus, creation number eight has made it's way off the drawing table and into Gimme A Dream's craft site.

I'll be making the earrings to match and if I can get more beads I'll make the bracelet, too.


dickiebo said...

Will you be having a New Year Sale?

jadey said...

Gimme this is absolutely beautiful.