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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Milestone For Gimme A Dream!

This is a remarkable day for the Blog Gimme A Dream today. Happy Valentines Day and a Happy Dot Com Day, too! Yes Gimme A Dream just turned .com and the URL address is :

Mind you, it will only bring you back here, but with all the things going on here at Gimme A Dream, it was necessary to expand into the business side of this affair. Gimme A Dream has been earning a wage for a few months now and has expanded its horizons way beyond I ever would have dreamed three months ago. Between the social networks, the affiliations, and the niche blogs, it was time to move ahead and bring it all under one roof so to speak.

There will be changes in the future. A new website must be created and a logo. Heavens, how can we go without a logo, lol. The store will housed in the new site and the blogs , but there will be an over all splash or home page, that will be entered and from there, visitors will be able to choose where they wish to go.

Wow! When I think of all that has to be done..., there'll be no sitting on the laurels around here.

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Anonymous said...

Just checkin in to wish you a great week end

keith hillman said...

You did it! Welcome to the world of dot coms!Sorry I couldn't help you with the set up. As I said I got someone to do mine for me. As a result my hit rate went up straight away