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Friday, February 15, 2008

Bloggers and Writers!!!

For all you Bloggers and writers out there in lala land, there is a new writing community on the networks, that pays you to write, review and to back link to your blogs. Now we all know the reason we write blogs is to have someone read them.... Well here is another possibility..., Qassia!

I joined a few days ago, as a favour to a Yuwie friend, who was constantly sending me referral hookups. This one she pushed me when I was in a good mood I guess, so I joined and left, not paying any attention to it.

This evening, while dropping EntreCard, I came across another who was a member. So I used her link to get in because believe it or not you have to use a member to join. You can't go through the front door, as one would expect. Qassia is still in it Beta form, but will soon be out of it. I don't know if they will be excepting writers after that period.

Anyway, getting back to the story, it appears that I have been earning money there without know it. This is my balance sheet for my three listed blogs. WOW!!!!! And that was without trying.

By-the-way, you can see my listings and the lack of work I do by clicking the link.
Qassia listings for my three web logs:

Gimme A Dream$3.30

Magdalen Islands$3.30

Gimme A Dream's Arts and Crafts$3.40

I suspect that there is not really that much involved in the way of financial advancement, since the $10 is really only in Qassia dollars which can be exchanged for real money. I don't know the exchange rate though. However, it wouldn't be difficult to run the amount of Qassia credit up quite high, quite fast.

Now a writer can write for Qassia, sharing intel about things they know about, or they can rate for Qassia, which is reading the works of other writers and you get $5 ~ $15 Qassia dollars for every intel you rate.

However, I think the main value to a site like Qassia for writers and bloggers are the back links to your sites!

To sweeten the pot so to speak, you can add google adsense to your Qassia page and you get 100% of the revenue generated by those ads.

So, if anyone is interested in joining Qassia or even just looking to see it's value, you can do so through my link at Gimme A Dream @ Qassia

Please..., Give Generously for Cancer Research!!!

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