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Monday, February 1, 2010

Squidoo Meets Gimme A Dream

Yahoo! I’ve finally gone and done it! I’ve created my first squidoo lens.  I started it a couple of years ago and left it unpublished. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want a single page “lens” website. And all I could do was add text to it. Well it mattered to me. I was embarrassed that a simple program got the best of me and I didn’t want to show it to anyone.

Blogging came so easy to me and yet creating a website or a squidoo lens was and is so daunting that I'd prefer to ignore it's existence.
A couple of months ago the administration emailed me, reminding me that I was a member and that they were sending updates now, would I like to subscribe to the “lens of the day”.  Well sure! And I began to receive what they considered the best of Squidoo.
It didn’t take long for me to see a pattern to Squidoo and see possibilities and potential in the program and I knew I wanted to create a lens. So I called up my old, unpublished lens about the horses that I had here. Still I drew a blank! How to put pictures in? How do I track it? How do I use it in conjunction with Twitter? And Heaven forbid…, how does it involve blogging?
I did a very long learning curve on this one. My Squidoo Lens is called “Horse Sanctuaries” and it is at
It isn’t quite the way I imagined it but it will be updated regularly until I find a way to add modules, banking systems, my baling twine tack for sale and other tings that will be related to horse sanctuaries that I want. It’s a ‘work in progress’, as they say.
Gimme A Dream’s Horse Sanctuary is a description of each of the horses who have become a part of his life here on the Magdalen Islands. It is the first in a series of Squidoo lens, describing various incidences involving horses here and how unexpected problems are overcome.
The second lens in the series will be the seizures of Sam’s (Sammy) Pride, giving a detailed description of her life and possible actions I might have taken differently had I know for the start, I had a very sick horse on my hands.
There will be other lens too. Lens about experiences people have with their horses while living in isolated conditions here on the island.
I don’t mean there to be any monetary gain from the lenses that I create about the horses really. This experiment is mostly about learning to use various methods to extract all the possible potential from them. Then when I have learned enough, I hope to have the knowledge and courage to put it all together into a “make a living” campaign which will help to feed the horses. Not too terrible lofty, I don’t think.


jmr said...

Hi Gimme. Just popped by for a quick visit. Glad I did, that's a good post on Squidoo. Best of luck on your journey with them.

-- Michael

KB said...

I've never hear of Squiddo before. Very interesting.