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Saturday, April 17, 2010

And Baby Makes Three

Darling little SweetPea had a baby last week. Actually she had two but the youngest died, poor thing. SweetPea is a long-hair, soft white Angora Magdalen Islands beach cat.

Daddy is Bones a long hair, orange Angora, Magdalen Islands Beach cat and quite possible the daddy to SweetPea herself since we don't know who her daddy is. Still he probably isn't since he didn't leave home the year she was born. However, we don't know all the places SweetPea's mommy roamed.

Baby will also be a long-hair, Angora Magdalen Islands beach cat. He is eight days old today but still hasn't opened his eyes. Baby is a happy kitten and has spent a lot of time purring this quiet little rumble. It is so cute and he makes me smile.

SweetPea is a good mom and never mean, but she tends to be neglectful of her youngster sometimes. Perhaps she is afraid that she will lose my love because she seems to want to spend as much time wit me as she does with baby.

When weaned, baby kitten will go up for adoption to a good and loving home.


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