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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Forex For Free

I have joined an amazing program the other day.  It is a set it up and forget about it type of program and it is free to join. In three days, 1% daily of $200 compounded interest added up to $6.06, was added to my account. I'm going to have my son open an account.

Please take note : The site is in the German language. You can translate it but to join you must have a sponsor! That is where I come in. You must return to click on my link because you can't join through the translated page.
Because it’s free, I decided to pass the information along to all members..
I received my free $200 within a few hours and invested it as was required.
Please take note : You must have a Liberty Reserve Banking Account. You can get one by following this link, if you don't already have one:
Forex For Free - Only 30,000 Positions Available
Forex4Free - An Investor Will Give You Money To Invest In Managed Forex,
No Repayment Or Sponsoring Required!
A new free program, started 9th April 2010 - Forex4Free - A Zero Cost Opportunity!

- an amazing project from a big investor
- earn up to $3,500 per month (USD)
- without paying even one penny, EVER!
- an investor will give you $200 for FREE
- the investor will never ask for payback
- everybody will get the same amount of money
- you will have no costs at all
- you cannot invest your own money
- no matrix and no sponsoring requirement
- only 30,000 positions are available
After you register, the investor will deposit $200 in your account. Please allow up to 24 hours for the money to appear in your account.
 You must then invest that $200 in the program that pays 1% daily.
Log in to your account and make a $200 deposit using that money to the 1% daily program.
If you fail to do this, your initial $200 will not earn anything and your account will be closed.

Your account balance will grow everyday and once it reaches $1,500, in 180 days or 6 months,  you have to withdraw it to your own payment processor.

You are then required to open a Forex account with a broker like FXCM or FXDD and invest that $1,500. Hand over your username and trader password to so that they can trade the account for you.

When your trading account grows, you may be able to earn up to $3,500 monthly.
You are not required to pay back the initial $200 but the investor will be keeping 25% of the profits generated from all trading accounts that received his gifts.The other 75% of the profits are yours.

This program will be closed to the public once membership reaches 30,000 people.
This is an investment program and no referrals are needed for you in order to earn.
But if you choose to refer people, you'll earn $20 on your 1st level and $10 on your 2nd level and these funds must only be deposited in the Referral Commissions Program earning 0.5% daily.

Important! The website is in German but you can switch it to English by clicking on the US/UK flag. However after reading the content and you\'re ready to sign up, please click on my link again because the referral link is lost when you switch languages,and you are required to have a referrer/sponsor in order to join.

Please sign up on the German language website without switching to English, click on this link and sign up. You must check that the following appears at the bottom of Registration page:
Your Upline: Wynn Currie

Thanks and enjoy!

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