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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Busy, Busy Beaver!!!

I was busy today. After doing the normal herding the horses from one paddock to the next for feed this morning I received a call for a translation, actually two translations, from the French language into the English language. The documents had to be finished for the deadline tomorrow morning.

"No Problem," I said. "I'll have them in your inbox by early afternoon." And so I went to work diligently. One, two, three cups of coffee and I realized that the translations weren't going to be as easy as I thought.

Down from the top shelf, my trusty French/English dictionary dropped while I was reaching for it, almost hitting my keyboard..., ooops!
Whew! All is well! I don't think I'd want to try living without my trusty resource books. There is nothing like a solid, hard covered book to satisfy the thirst for knowledge. And so I continued working..., getting the translations through on time, much to a very happy customer's relief.

My day progressed by me clicking thought different sites I have joined, to see how much money I have made in the past eight hours. Woowhoo! Five dollars, thirteen cents and a bunch of credits that might mean something some day. At this rate, I might be able to buy some horse feed some time this winter. Actually, I consider this $5.00 pretty darn good because it means I'm on to something, because this is residual finances, meaning it repeats - growing with each repetition. As I said..., Woowhoo!!!

A little girl, twelve years old has decided that she wants to help me take care of the horses. She has been successful riding Willow. It is surprising that she even attempts it because her riding instructor, a nice lady whom I respect said that Willow, then know as Minority, wouldn't work for her..., "Min would only rear on her two hind legs and wouldn't go forward," was what she said. I have absolutely no doubt that this lady is speaking the truth. Even I thought Willow was unsuitable for novices, at first. Then I thought that it was because I used a hack-a-more on her and she didn't understand. When the little girl was on her with a bit in her mouth, Willow was a dream for the girl.

The hack-a-more excuse was shot to hell..., so why did she continue on two legs when Isabelle and I got on her? This evening I dressed her and rode her around and around the paddock. Figure eights this way and that, circle to the left, circle to the right, stop, back, walk on, trot on, walk on, stop..., no problems.... For twenty minutes we exercised, up and down, in and out, around and around. I am so pleased with my little Willow Breeze. She deserved her potato, tonight.

When I re-entered the house, I got a chance to look at all the mundane chores that had been left and shuttered. Needless to say, I got really busy then....


Marja said...

You're a busy woman. i love the French language. I only had it one year at school but it is on my list of things to learn.
I had several friends with horses in the past. After they had a ride in the manege they always let me cool down the horse by letting him stepping around I really loved that.

jadey said...

You are a very busy person there Gimme. So are you going to let her help with the horses. I think that is such a good job for kids who are interested in horses.