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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bloggers and Writers Continued!!!

Forty-eight hours later and the Qassia saga continues..., but at a staggering rate. Yesterday after writing the post 'Bloggers and Writers!!!', I went back and review three of the 'intel' articles. I found what I read very well wrote and told the writers through a little message box what I thought. I just went back to check and my rates seem to have skyrocketed for the work that I did.

The amount my three blogs brought into Qassia are between $40 and $80 each. I received and amount for my reviews, but mostly it seems to be my blogs that are getting attention from Qassia. I now have a total of $280 at the site and that is for doing nothing more than I normally do anyway. I'm astounded and have decided to look into the program better.

I put it up here at Gimme before working the program because it was in Beta and I wanted to let others know about it even though I didn't have time to look at it. When it comes out of Beta normally a company will start to charge for membership, but a writer can get in for free while it is in its beta stage. For this reason I wrote about it. I still have a lot of questions which I will eventually get answered, but you anyone want in, now is the time. Go for it!

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Anonymous said...

I've heard her sing many times and I'm always o impressed, she's wonderful

Marja said...

I checked out Qassia but understand from the legal terms of use that the Quassia dollars are just a mean of measurent of webactivity and you can't exchange them. So I am not sure

Magdalen Islands said...

I understand what you are saying Marja and I don't believe any money to any extent can be made a Qassia. But the back links can be invaluable if you want your blog or website visible to the general public. It also helps to create a good rating for your site which in turn brings in better pay from any advertisements on your blog or site and a reviewer can demand a much higher rate for his or her review.